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It’s so hard to stop!

“It’s so hard to stop when you’re on the floor, It’s so hard to stop when you zydeco It’s so hard to stop when you’re having fun, It’s so to hard stop when you’re with everyone.” On Leap Day, I crossed another thing off my DC Bucket List¬†when my Mom and I went to Wolf … Continue reading

A plea for your help

Source Over 10 years ago, my dad and his friend started to work on a documentary. The documentary was about The Bayou – a famous nightclub in Georgetown that has since been shut down. Through the years I remember my dad talking about the project and going out at times to work on the film. … Continue reading

#WEverb11 Day 2

Listen. What song did you listen to in 2011 to completely change your mood? ¬†Think about ways you can you add more music to your life in 2012.   Hands down, my favorite song of 2011 is “Call it What you Want” by Foster The People. If you haven’t heard it, listen now.     … Continue reading