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It’s OK

There are a lot of things I’m dealing with right now so it’s nice to take a day to say “It’s OK”… That we’re moving in about 3 weeks and haven’t even started packing (or trashing…or sorting) That the thing I’m most sad about moving is no longer being able to use my custom address … Continue reading

Recent Reads

With all the extra time on my hands I have been doing a little bit more reading. I’ve read a few books for my monthly book club this year, but I’ve also read some others just for fun. I love reading on my Kindle since I can bring it anywhere (it’s perfect for the waiting … Continue reading

On being “lucky”

Who and what is lucky? Recently, since losing my job, some have told me that I’m “lucky”. Lucky in that I have a lot of free time. Especially because it’s summer and I can enjoy sitting outside on my deck in the middle of the day. Or sitting at Starbucks for hours, people watching and … Continue reading

Life, lately.

There are few things getting me through my unemployment. Among other things, music and Instagram have been two things helping me pass the time. If you don’t follow me on Instagram (@clareberrycrunch) here’s a little sampling of what I like to photograph. Click on the images to make them bigger and see a slideshow. Most … Continue reading

In Trying Times

Surround yourself with the ones you love. That’s what I’m learning. Because life is too short not to. This afternoon, we went to visit our nephew in the hospital for the first time since his accident. We were both anxious all morning. We knew it was going to be hard and no matter how much … Continue reading

I gotta get through this

Where do I begin? I guess where I left off was that I was enjoying Freedom Week (it was awesome!) and that I was planning to go to Georgia. Well we did go to Georgia. And it was perfect. The weather couldn’t have been better. We went out on the boat a lot and the … Continue reading

Freedom Week 2012

Where do I begin? I lost my job. I can’t get into what happened, but in the end I am fine. We will be fine. It sucks though, I can tell you that much. But at the same time it does have its benefits. Like declaring this week “Freedom Week 2012”. Noah came up with … Continue reading

Excuses Excuses

I’m not foreign to making excuses. In fact, I’d say I’m the queen of making excuses. They may not be good ones, but I still make them. Recently, I’ve been making many, MANY, excuses for not working out. Sure, we take the dog on a 1.5ish mile walk almost every day. And I’ll occasionally jump … Continue reading

Quarter year catch up

It’s always unbelievable how quickly the months go by, but they always do. Here we are again on the first of April wondering how the past three months have already passed us by. And as a part of that we look back to see what we’ve done in the past three months and plan ahead … Continue reading

Checked off – Cherry blossoms

Last week after work, Noah and I took the metro downtown to see the Cherry Blossoms by the Tidal Basin. While the National Cherry Blossom Festival wasn’t starting for another two days, I still considered this goal checked off since all I cared about was seeing the trees anyway. I grew up in Maryland and while I’m pretty sure … Continue reading