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Here comes spring…cleaning!

Yup, I’m jumping on the spring cleaning and organizing bandwagon. It’s been overdue for a while now. There were two main things that inspired me to do this. The first was Love and Renovations‘ “February Organize-A-Thon” post which challenged readers to organize one room or area in their house. While I missed out back in … Continue reading

Blueberry pecan pancakes

I decided to be domestic today and made blueberry pecan pancakes. The recipe was given to us by my Dad and Stepmom, but is actually a recipe for waffles. It works as either. I added blueberries and pecans, but you could add anything you want. I also made a crab and swiss quiche with red … Continue reading

I love lamp.

Isn’t it amazing how moving some furniture around and adding a new piece in the room can make all the difference? I feel like in the past couple months, we’ve been making slow and slight changes to our place that are making a big difference. The first is that we replaced our dark brown square … Continue reading

The tables are turning

This past weekend we were lucky enough to be gifted a beautiful “new” table from our in laws. We rented [an awesome] minivan, complete with a DVD player and drove it down to Georgia so we could bring that bad boy up. I was happy to have a new table after Noah and friends played … Continue reading

Date Night in – breakfast for dinner

Happy Labor Day weekend! I hope everyone had a fun, safe and relaxing final break of the summer. N and I were originally planning on camping on Friday night, but the park we wanted to go to had no spots available. So much for that. Instead we decided to stay in and have a brunch … Continue reading

It’s cleanthefuckinghousethursday!

Does your house ever get so messy you feel like you’re a crack addict whose about to receive a visit from Social Services? No? Okay, well mine does. Every once in a while we’ll just let things get bad. Maybe to some it wouldn’t be so bad, but to me it feels like a hoarder … Continue reading