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Freedom Week 2012

Where do I begin? I lost my job. I can’t get into what happened, but in the end I am fine. We will be fine. It sucks though, I can tell you that much. But at the same time it does have its benefits. Like declaring this week “Freedom Week 2012”. Noah came up with … Continue reading

Billy kicks your butt

Four days ago I wrote this post explaining how I needed to start working out again. And I did. That day I did a free video from on our Roku. I hated it. The male trainer kept remarking about how the female trainer wasn’t on her game and at one point even mentioned that … Continue reading

Excuses Excuses

I’m not foreign to making excuses. In fact, I’d say I’m the queen of making excuses. They may not be good ones, but I still make them. Recently, I’ve been making many, MANY, excuses for not working out. Sure, we take the dog on a 1.5ish mile walk almost every day. And I’ll occasionally jump … Continue reading

Thoughtless Thursday

I really should be cleaning right now (my mother in law is coming tomorrow) but in an effort to be the biggest procrastinator on the planet, I decided to blog instead. What makes it worse is I having nothing to blog about really. So, commence Thoughtless Thursday. Things I’m loving right now (and always)… Dannon … Continue reading

Homemade Hummus

Friday morning while doing my daily perusing of CNN, I came across an interesting blog post about hummus.  I saw people posting various links to recipes in the comments section and once I saw how easy it was I knew I had to give it a try. Here is the recipe I used. I couldn’t … Continue reading

Sweet, savory, salmon

Even though I call myself a vegetarian, I do (currently) eat fish. One of my favorite fish to eat is salmon. It’s healthy, delicious and easy to make. My mom introduced me to this recipe when she made it for Christmas dinner and ever since, I’m obsessed. It’s incredibly easy, you probably already have most … Continue reading

Eternal Optimist

I know I’m late to hop on this bandwagon, but I just bought my first Essie nail polish last weekend. I tried it out last night and love it. I don’t usually paint my nails (Noah likes them au naturale) but decided I like this color because its more subdued than the typical hues. It’s … Continue reading

I’m terrified of haircuts.

I’ve never been one to be afraid with experimenting with my hair. I think my first chopitalloff experience was in 5th grade. I got my hair cut for my 5th grade commencement ceremony and decided to be bold by cutting my hair to my chin. Years later, for my senior prom, I made an impulse … Continue reading