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On being “lucky”

Who and what is lucky? Recently, since losing my job, some have told me that I’m “lucky”. Lucky in that I have a lot of free time. Especially because it’s summer and I can enjoy sitting outside on my deck in the middle of the day. Or sitting at Starbucks for hours, people watching and … Continue reading

Life, lately.

There are few things getting me through my unemployment. Among other things, music and Instagram have been two things helping me pass the time. If you don’t follow me on Instagram (@clareberrycrunch) here’s a little sampling of what I like to photograph. Click on the images to make them bigger and see a slideshow. Most … Continue reading

In Trying Times

Surround yourself with the ones you love. That’s what I’m learning. Because life is too short not to. This afternoon, we went to visit our nephew in the hospital for the first time since his accident. We were both anxious all morning. We knew it was going to be hard and no matter how much … Continue reading