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Sunday Social!

Even though it’s Monday, I still wanted to link up for Sunday Social! This is my second time doing it and I think I’m just as excited as I was the first time  because the topic is just as good. What is this amazing topic you ask? Food, glorious food. Yes, I equate taking an … Continue reading

Make this right now!

Tonight I tried a new recipe from Pinterest. I baked an egg in an avocado. It sounds weird, but it was delicious and really easy to make. I would eat this for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. It wasn’t as filling as I had hoped it would be, but it was really yummy. The recipe … Continue reading

Spring sneak peek

These past few days have been a lot of fun. A big part of that has to do with the fact that the weather has been unseasonably warm. I am so grateful for this! My mother in law was staying with us for the weekend, but we had other things going on too. We had … Continue reading

Thoughtless Thursday

I really should be cleaning right now (my mother in law is coming tomorrow) but in an effort to be the biggest procrastinator on the planet, I decided to blog instead. What makes it worse is I having nothing to blog about really. So, commence Thoughtless Thursday. Things I’m loving right now (and always)… Dannon … Continue reading

Restaurant Review – Volt Restaurant

Two weeks ago, Noah and I made the trek up to Frederick, Maryland to have dinner at Volt Restaurant for our 6 year dating anniversary. We don’t do Valentine’s Day, but this is the equivalent for us. Every year we go to a really nice restaurant and splurge on ourselves. The 21st of February is … Continue reading

Restaurant Review – Jackson 20

Last Thursday, Noah and I went to Old Town Alexandria to have dinner with a few friends. We chose Jackson 20 because several of us had heard good things about it. There were some things I liked about this place and others I didn’t. One thing I really liked was the decor. It was clean … Continue reading

I wanna jam it with you

I guess I’ve been feeling a little more domestic recently, which I’m really enjoying, because I decided to make strawberry jam. I saw the idea a few months back on my friend Jessica’s blog. Everything she makes is delicious and this was really simple. My mom’s friend actually gives us jars of her homemade jam … Continue reading

Homemade Hummus

Friday morning while doing my daily perusing of CNN, I came across an interesting blog post about hummus.  I saw people posting various links to recipes in the comments section and once I saw how easy it was I knew I had to give it a try. Here is the recipe I used. I couldn’t … Continue reading


AKA Old Bay Obsessed. Being a girl born and raised in Maryland, I’ve always loved Old Bay. I put that sh*t on everything! This little boy loves it just as much as I do. I hope this video puts a smile on your face….Happy Sunday!