It’s OK

There are a lot of things I’m dealing with right now so it’s nice to take a day to say “It’s OK”…

That we’re moving in about 3 weeks and haven’t even started packing (or trashing…or sorting)

That the thing I’m most sad about moving is no longer being able to use my custom address stamp!

That I talk to my animals more than other human beings on a daily basis (no shame here people, I love them!!)

To go out for ice cream as an afternoon snack, even when you have fresh fruit and vegetables at home

To pay for your groceries exclusively in coins (so thankful for self check out…)

To not feel guilty about spending an entire day being lazy inside

To eat pizza for dinner one night, and lunch the next day

To cry while reading the speech you wrote (but forgot to give!) for your rehearsal dinner…2 years later

To wish a job would fall in your lap, without having to look for it

What’s okay with you today?



19 thoughts on “It’s OK

  1. haha you suond like me with moving- i always wait til the last min to pack everything up! super cute blog by the way! if you’d like to stop by mine I’m having a giveaway with a few fun things I think you’d like! have a great th!

    • Thank you for stopping by! I guess maybe I think if I put off the packing it will happen magically on its own? πŸ™‚ I’m heading over to your blog now!

  2. Love it! And seriously, it’s hard to start packing much sooner than about three weeks out ’cause you need so much of your stuff!

  3. Haha, ummm.
    Its okay that I’m drinking vanilla coke after just watching “How its made” on youtube and being creeped out by the fact that people I know use it to tenderize red meat.
    Its okay that I read up on 5 blogs for every 3 bits of uni work I do.

    & I’m devestated for you about the custom address stamp. Not even joking.

    • Ahh the coke thing is scary. Actually regular coke can be used to rid your car battery of corrosion if it’s not starting! So gross! And I’m glad you understand my sadness over my stamp!!

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