Sunday Social Linkup

Today I’m writing for my first Sunday Social Linkup! You can participate too. Just answer the questions from this post on Neelykins’ blog.

Best trip you’ve ever been on

Our honeymoon! We went to Couples Sans Souci in Ocho Rios, Jamaica for a week and it was absolute heaven. We got a great deal through and couldn’t pass it up. For the most part we just relaxed, hung out at the pool and in the ocean constantly, drank at the swim up bar with new found friends and ate a TON of food. I swear we ate 7-9 meals a day. We did get off the resort a couple times – most notably when we visited Dunns River Falls. A must see if you are ever in Jamaica.

The view from the top of some steep stairs (stairs everywhere at this resort!)

Dunns River Falls (where you climb up a waterfall)

The view from our balcony

Best idea for a girls weekend trip

If you’re in the DC area I’d say Rehoboth beach. The beach is a perfect girls getaway because you are very relaxed and while you’re not too far from home you feel like you’re transported to another world. Not to mention Rehoboth has tons of great restaurants, shops, a boardwalk, perfect white sand and is close to Dewey beach where you can go out at night. Another great option that’s a little further away (but well worth the drive) is the Outer Banks. There are fewer people and life moves just a little slower…and it’s perfect.

Best idea for a couples trip

The best couples trip we’ve been on was to Fallingwater and the surrounding area in Pennsylvania. I’ve written about it before and that’s because it’s a hidden gem that most people don’t know about. This region has plenty of outdoor adventures, beautiful scenery and a feeling that you are escaping to a more simple time. We’re going back again for our second anniversary in August. I can’t wait!

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater in the Ohiopyle region of Pennsylvania

Best vacation on the cheap

Definitely a cruise. You can see several places in one visit and there are tons of discounts and deals throughout the year. I have a friend who went on a 3 day cruise for $90 per person! Not to mention, all the food (and entertainment for the most part) is included and there are ways to drink on the cheap too. So far I’ve been on two cruises and I think they are well worth the little amount of money! And where else can you get views like this?

Grand Turk – view from the ship

St Thomas – view from the ship

Place you most want to visit

Niagara Falls (I’ve never been!)

Niagara Falls PicturesThis photo of Niagara Falls is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Vacation/Travel necessities

I always have to have my camera with me wherever we go. I also like bringing along a video camera (or Flip Cam) to record the fun you’ve had along the way. Other than that I love my travel pillow for flying or long car rides. Don’t let my only two necessities fool you – I’m a huge overpacker and pretty much bring everything with me no matter where I’m going. Good thing I’m a pro packer!


7 thoughts on “Sunday Social Linkup

    • I visited Negril, Jamaica and aclaluty ventured out of the Couples resort on a tour with a local and one other couple. It was awesome. We were able to see some off the beaten path spots. We visited the falls near Negril, and then went to a local restaurant. We did encounter some pushy people, but I think it is far less of an issue in Negril where there are fewer tourists. Jamaica is unbelievably beautiful and the snorkeling in Negril is amazing. Just use common sense.

  1. You’ve been to some amazing looking places! I have Couples Sans Souci on my list of “someday travel” for when we finally make it to Jamaica!

    • Thanks Morgan! I agree, we definitely have. I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to travel as much as I have. I have the travel bug but I’m actually afraid of flying! Couples Sans Souci was probably the most relaxing vacation of my life. It’s a wonderful resort and Jamaica is a beautiful place!

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