Billy kicks your butt

Four days ago I wrote this post explaining how I needed to start working out again. And I did. That day I did a free video from on our Roku. I hated it. The male trainer kept remarking about how the female trainer wasn’t on her game and at one point even mentioned that she must be on her period. The banter between the two (not to mention the uncomfortable sexual tension) made it very difficult to get anything out of this work out. I was bummed that I wasn’t able to find my work out DVDs. Then on Saturday we were going through our DVD collection, which is huge, and I happened to stumble upon one of my favorite work out DVDs.

I was giddy as soon as I saw Billy’s smiling face. If you’ve never done Tae Bo – it kicks your butt. Thirty minutes of this and you feel like you just ran a mile and got the shit kicked out of you at the same time. It’s exhausting. Sadly, the whole work out is about 50 minutes and I was only able to make it through the first 30. I’m trying to tell myself that I haven’t worked out in a while so it’s going to take some time to build up the stamina I had before. I plan on doing this again tomorrow. I’m not going to do this every day – I’ll probably find a Pilates or yoga DVD and we’ll walk some days too – but I’m excited to do Billy’s work out again tomorrow. I like knowing that I’ve done something good for myself and the feeling I get from that.


7 thoughts on “Billy kicks your butt

  1. One of my high school gym teachers was obsessed with Billy Blanks. I usually half-assed it but when I actually tried, jeez, that man is a dictator! 🙂 I should look into buying a DVD now that I’m wiling to do exercise…

  2. Your last sentence is so true. I sometimes would do anything not to do any exercise but after I’ve done it I feel so much better and the more I do it the more I remember that good feeling.

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