Excuses Excuses

I’m not foreign to making excuses. In fact, I’d say I’m the queen of making excuses. They may not be good ones, but I still make them. Recently, I’ve been making many, MANY, excuses for not working out. Sure, we take the dog on a 1.5ish mile walk almost every day. And I’ll occasionally jump up off the couch to do a spontaneous set of 50-75 jumping jacks. And maybe I’ll even do a few reps of lifting weights while watching a TV show. But those three things – that’s it. I don’t belong to a gym, I don’t run, I don’t swim, I don’t bike, I don’t even power walk! And I know that needs to change. It’s not that I need to lose weight (I don’t) and it’s not that I’m not happy with how I look (I am) and it’s not even that I’m not healthy for the most part, because I do eat fairly healthy. But for me, it’s about being in shape and being the best I can be. I want to be able to climb several flights of stairs without getting out of breath. I want to be able to run a mile without stopping. I want to be able to participate in The Color Run in September. And yes, a little part of me wants to get more toned. I know what I look like when I am really in shape and I really like that look. It’s not about weight, it’s about feeling. On top of all of that, we are only a couple/few years away from having kids and I want to make sure that I’ve developed a good work out routine for myself well before I have a baby so that when that time does come, I’m not becoming the next Betty Draper. I also want to be able to set a good example for my kids in the future.

My main excuse has been that the ottoman in our living room is too heavy for me to move by myself, preventing me from being able to do my work out DVDs in my living room. I didn’t want my first time back in the work out game to be going on a run. Because I knew if I did that I would feel defeated and probably just go back to what I’ve been doing, aka nothing. Well, now that we had a roommate move in, we had to move some furniture around so the ottoman has been relocated to our bedroom. And in its place – a very easily movable glass coffee table. So now there’s really no excuse.

I was even going to use “I can’t find my work out DVDs” as an excuse but then I remembered that Netflix, Roku and Hulu all have free work out shows for me to watch. So it’s no more excuses and hopefully back to looking like a more toned version of myself in no time.


5 thoughts on “Excuses Excuses

  1. I know i’ve said this before but you really suit your hair up. Your reasons for starting to exercise were exactly the same as mine – so it was easier for when I had children. My excuses come when it comes to cleaning the house lol.

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  3. Okay, so I am having a great time reading your posts and checking out your blog! After your comment the other day about how we are so similar and spell Clare the awesome way, I’ve been exciting about checking out your blog – and I am loving it! I feel the same way about working out, and I just started working out again recently (yay) – not to lose weight, because I don’t need to be – but just to be healthy, fit, and toned. So go Clares, let’s get buff 🙂 Also, I just checked you that color run, how cool! Where do you live? I seriously may be interested in doing the one that’s in D.C. in September!

    • Aww I’m so glad you came to check out my blog! Thank you! I live in Northern VA (about 5 miles outside of DC) and the DC one is the one I want to do!

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