Here comes spring…cleaning!

Yup, I’m jumping on the spring cleaning and organizing bandwagon. It’s been overdue for a while now. There were two main things that inspired me to do this. The first was Love and Renovations‘ “February Organize-A-Thon” post which challenged readers to organize one room or area in their house. While I missed out back in February, I decided it wasn’t too late for me to do the challenge for myself. Then I came across a post on The Art of Doing Stuff that challenged readers to “Throw Away 50 Things Right Now”. And with that, I was motivated.  Just like Karen, I thought our junk drawer in the kitchen would be the perfect thing to start with. It was pretty awful. I don’t think it’s been cleaned out at all since we moved in to this house – 14 months ago. I can’t even believe I’m showing anyone these  pictures.

It doesn’t even look as bad in the photo as it was in person. There was so much crap in this drawer. I couldn’t believe how much was stuffed in there! I took it all out and laid it down so that I could easily see everything to make the throwing away process faster. I did this during my lunch break while I was working from home.

There were so many loose batteries & pens, take out menus, random papers and receipts, post cards, etc. And an insane amount of checkbooks. From when we were leaving at our first apartment together in Hartford…4 years ago! WHY did I save checks from an address I haven’t lived at since college? Guess I need to purge more often.

After all was said and done, the drawer transformation was pretty incredible. Behold, the after.

It felt really good to get rid of that much stuff. Stuff that I feel like my life is always consumed by. Crap.  Organizing that one drawer has made me want to organize other rooms in our house too. What is about spring that puts us in a cleaning mood? Whatever it is, I’m reveling in it.


12 thoughts on “Here comes spring…cleaning!

  1. Someone once told me that everyone has a draw in their kitchen like that. Mmm I don’t know what it is about Spring that motivates us to clean – I’m almost motivated.

    • I do believe it. My family had a drawer like this growing up. It’s not a bad thing to have but cleaning it every once in a while definitely helps. I’m happy to say that it has stayed clean like that for a full week now!

  2. WOW look at you! I am seriously, the most embarassingly messy person in the world, without a doubt. Some people claim to be messy. They are nothing compared to me. Anyway, what I’m getting at is I accomplished a MAJOR closet purge and organization mission this week, and I want you to be proud of me. You are, right? ; )

    • YES I am proud of you! Seriously, i’m a really messy person too. You wouldn’t know it from my blog because of course I never take pictures of my mess. But I am. Though I do like cleaning things too because the end result is soo worth it. I really want to see your closet purge! That’s actually one of the next big things I need to do – throw away my damn clothes from the 10th grade!!

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