It’s so hard to stop!

“It’s so hard to stop when you’re on the floor, It’s so hard to stop when you zydeco
It’s so hard to stop when you’re having fun, It’s so to hard stop when you’re with

On Leap Day, I crossed another thing off my DC Bucket List when my Mom and I went to Wolf Trap to see Buckwheat Zydeco for a dance party! It was such a fun thing to do, especially on a Wednesday night. The show was located in The Barns, an indoor stage that is inside of an old converted barn from the 18th century. The acoustics are awesome and since it’s relatively small, you don’t feel very far away from the stage no matter where you stand.

I had heard of Zydeco from my mom telling me about him, but up until just a few days before the show, I hadn’t heard any of his music. Two nights before I went, I listened to one of his most popular songs “Hard to Stop”. I knew based on this one song that the concert was going to be awesome.

We had so much fun and literally danced for almost two hours straight. It was such a memorable night and I’m so glad I had the chance to see Zydeco live. I could not stop dancing!



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