Bucket List – A day in Annapolis

I love making lists. I’m a chronic list maker. Even more so than making the list, I love crossing things off of them. I’m especially excited to be regularly crossing off some things on my DC Bucket List. I know that the warmer it gets, the more things I’ll be able to cross off. And I can’t wait!

This past weekend, my mom and older brother and I went to Annapolis, Maryland for the day. The day started out a little chilly and cloudy, but turned out to be a really nice day. Perfect for walking around. We started out our day by having lunch at Mangia’s. It wasn’t the best food, but we were hungry and it did the job. The service was pretty good too. The waitress actually steered my mom away from the crabcake sandwich because she said they didn’t have the best crab. This was much appreciated because it’s never fun to get crab and not have it live up to your expectations.

After lunch we walked around by the water, went into a few different shops (including this one), saw The Maryland Inn and explored The Maryland State House.
Yes, I’m the crazy person taking pictures of ducks. But they’re cute!

Downtown Annapolis…and some Navymen

The Maryland Inn

The Maryland State House

On our way home, we saw one of the most breathtaking sunsets. I was so happy that I had my camera in the car with me!


4 thoughts on “Bucket List – A day in Annapolis

    • Thank you! There definitely is a lot to see, but it’s even better to wait until it’s nicer out. It’s an especially interesting area if you really like history.

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