Restaurant Review – Jackson 20

Last Thursday, Noah and I went to Old Town Alexandria to have dinner with a few friends. We chose Jackson 20 because several of us had heard good things about it.

There were some things I liked about this place and others I didn’t. One thing I really liked was the decor. It was clean and modern with a swanky feel. The napkin rings were little silver pigs. It felt classy.

Unfortunately, the rest of the restaurant experience didn’t live up to what we saw. The waitress was rude and acted like we were inconveniencing her by being there. She kept taking our menus away from us when we told her we would be ordering more. She brought us our bill well before we were even done eating. It felt like she wanted us to leave even though there was hardly anyone else in the restaurant.

The food was lacking too. As an appetizer we ordered a soft pretzel with cheese and mustard. The soft pretzel itself was pretty good (soft on the inside, crispy on the outside) but the cheese dip and mustard tasted funny. Everyone at the table made a weird face when eating them.

My entree was grilled  catfish with hush puppies.I was really excited because catfish and hush puppies is one of my favorite meals. This was a let down too. The catfish was not done correctly and the hush puppies were extremely doughy and squishy. Not the way it is supposed to be. Maybe it was my mistake ordering a Southern meal at a restaurant that’s practically in the North.

We looked at the bill and were shocked at how expensive it was. Yes, we had all had a few beers but they were on happy hour special ($2 per beer) so it shouldn’t have added up to as much as it was. We’re pretty sure they charged us full price for our drinks. After all was said and done, we paid an arm and a leg for extremely mediocre food and below average service. Maybe it was just a fluke of a night, but I will not be going back here again.


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