I wanna jam it with you

I guess I’ve been feeling a little more domestic recently, which I’m really enjoying, because I decided to make strawberry jam. I saw the idea a few months back on my friend Jessica’s blog. Everything she makes is delicious and this was really simple. My mom’s friend actually gives us jars of her homemade jam a few times a year and Noah hoards it like none other. We recently ran out so I figured this would be the perfect time to try making some of my own. The recipe is from All Recipes. I didn’t follow it that closely because I wasn’t using 2 lbs of strawberries. I used 1 carton of strawberries, a little less than 2/3 cup sugar and about 1.5 tbsp of lemon juice. I think it came out perfectly!

I’m loving being more adventurous in the kitchen. I can’t wait to keep trying more and more recipes. I don’t think it’ll be too far off that I’m crossing off another thing on my 30 before 30 list! Also, please go check out my friend Jessica’s newer blog – she is always posting delicious recipes that I like to keep on the back burner.


5 thoughts on “I wanna jam it with you

  1. Yum!! One of my favorite things in the summer is to make berry topping for ice cream. My favorite is blackberry. 1 carton + 2 tbspn water + a little sugar = amazing.

    • You should try it! I didn’t think I was skilled until I started trying. This was soo easy and I even thought I was messing it up about halfway through. But it turned out so good!

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