Restaurant Review: Wilson Tavern

Saturday night, Noah and I went out to Wilson Tavern with two of our friends. Wilson Tavern is located in the Clarendon neighborhood in Arlington. From the outside, it just looks like a cute little bar with a nice outdoor seating area. Too bad it’s winter. Upon entering, we saw that it was pretty small but didn’t feel cramped. Cozy is a better word to describe it. It’s definitely more of a place to get a drink than have a meal, but we were there for dinner and dinner it was.

There wasn’t too much to choose from on the menu, especially since I don’t eat meat. The thing that sounded most appetizing to me was the shrimp and grits. We ordered our drinks and more than several minutes later our dinner order was taken. We waited and waited and waited, for what seemed like forever. There were only four of us at the table, the place wasn’t very crowded and the food we ordered wasn’t complicated and should not have taken long to make. About 45 minutes after we ordered our food, it finally came out.

I took one look at my dish and noticed something odd. There was sausage on my plate. The menu did not say it came with sausage. It’s not uncommon for shrimp and grits to come with andouille sausage, but the menu mentioned nothing about meat. It had already been so long to get our first order I didn’t want to send it back. Noah ate the 3 pieces of sausage from my plate and I managed to put it out of my mind that it had been there in the first place. I was still excited to eat. After my first bite, I was immediately disappointed. The food was lukewarm and the grits were runny. No, just no. If you know grits, you know they are not supposed to be runny. I was beyond hangry at this point so I ate my entire plate quickly and without care of its mediocrity. And by entire plate, I mean 3 small pieces of shrimp and 2 spoonfuls of grits…that I paid $10.

I can say without a doubt that I will not be going back here for a meal. It was overpriced with not much selection and the few things on the menu were not even done well.


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