A place to call my own

I’ve been blogging with WordPress for the past 1.5 years now and so far, I really like it. I started out at Suburbianbliss, but realized that the title just didn’t fit me all that well. Then I changed to Worries and Wisdom, because it felt more “me”. But I was still using the “.wordpress.com” ending and the site just didn’t feel like it was “mine”. Last night, I finally took the plunge and purchased http://worriesandwisdom.com. It’s not much of a change and if you entered in the old address, you’d still arrive at the same place. However, along with this change I plan on making some other changes. They may come slowly, but I have plans for them. I’d like to update my blog design and have something custom that is truly my style. Not a free theme that was created by someone else. I don’t know how long it will be before my blog is redesigned to my liking, but by putting it out there I hope that it will encourage me to get a move on it sooner rather than later. One of my goals on my 30 before 30 list is to re-do the blog design and continue to work on and improve it. And I think that creating my own domain name is the first step in that process. I hope you’ll bear with me as the site changes more often than it should. I’ll be playing around and experimenting with different looks…so if it looks one way today and another tomorrow, please forgive me.

Any tips or pointers for me? Anything you like to see on blogs that make them more appealing or easier to navigate?


3 thoughts on “A place to call my own

  1. My only advice in terms of design is to pick something you like. As a journo student I studied a lot about what technically looks right, but I think you have to really like the design of your blog. I’ve attempted all kinds of crazy online stuff and I think I like the ease of the pre-designed themes. If you don’t like the free options, maybe just purchase a single premium theme that allows a little more customization. Can’t wait to see what all you come up with!

  2. Congrats on the plunge! I have used a free theme and customized as I can over the last couple years and I’m finally starting to switch over to my own hosted site. My recommendation would be to think about your blog content categories and color scheme. That keeps to keep your site more you as well. Can’t wait to see the changes come.

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