Five For Friday #1

Lately I’ve been seeing several bloggers participate in Five for Friday posts. I’ve never done this type of post before, but I think that showing gratitude, especially for my husband, is extremely important. I know I don’t tell him these things often enough. And I should. The little things go a long way.

1. You gave me 2 massages this week – and actually worked really hard to get some of my knots out!

2. You woke up 30 minutes before your alarm went off because I asked you to take out the recycling.

3. You made me dinner and it was delicious.

4. You have been looking so hard for a lens to buy for my camera and doing tons of research. I love that you care so much about something I want.

5. You bought me tampons while you were at the grocery store and they were the best kind. You even knew not to buy me off brand. Most guys wouldn’t do that (or care).

I love you babe!



6 thoughts on “Five For Friday #1

  1. lol! Okay so I’m not much of a blog comment poster but I had to say, I love this. Especially No.5— I have no idea what my husband would do if I asked him to buy me tampons…. but considering that he sometimes confuses cilantro for bok choy, not sure I’ll try that experiment. 🙂


    • Haha I’ve had several people say that to me since hitting publish on this post! He grew up with 3 sisters so I think that’s why he knows better 😉

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