Cruisin together – Day 7

Turks and Caicos. Grand Turk. What do you think of when you hear those things? Before I went there, I didn’t really think of much. I knew that Turks and Caicos was “somewhere down there” as in, south of me. But that’s about it. I did do a little research before our trip and knew that I wanted to take a golf cart around the island. The island is only 7 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, so it would have been perfect. Unfortunately, some other things made it so that our budget was a little tighter than we had originally expected, so we decided to just lay low and hang out on the beach for the day. I do not regret this decision one bit.

The boat docks right at the beach. You literally walk off the gangway, down the dock and you are on the beach. Perfect, pure, white sand beach. With the most incredible clear blue water I have ever seen.

We walked down the beach, away from all the beach chairs, and found a spot in front of a little restaurant/bar called Jack’s Shack. We swam in the water, laid on the beach and played with the most life loving dog I’ve ever met. His name was Benjamin.

We got hungry, but didn’t want to eat at Jack’s Shack because they only offered burgers and hot dogs. I wanted local food. CONCH FRITTERS! We had seen a large sign from the boat that advertised local food and cheap beer, so we headed back towards the boat to stop there for lunch. The place was called Local Village. We ate 12 conch fritters for $6, drank a local Turk’s Head beer (tasted almost exactly like Corona) and I enjoyed a fresh coconut filled with coconut rum. The guy said to me “You won’t taste it but once you stand up, you will feel it.” Boy was that true.

Once we were ready to pack it in, we went back to the boat and played mini golf on the top deck. There was a little rain shower, which resulted in a beautiful rainbow. And later, a magnificent sunset.

I couldn’t believe our cruise was coming to an end. Luckily, we still had one day at sea before we had to get back to reality.


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