I love lamp.

Isn’t it amazing how moving some furniture around and adding a new piece in the room can make all the difference? I feel like in the past couple months, we’ve been making slow and slight changes to our place that are making a big difference.

The first is that we replaced our dark brown square table for a much brighter, white table with a round glass top. I love it.

The second thing we did was move the blue/green chair from the living room to the guest room. It opens up the space and makes the room feel larger. It also provides a nice view of our bright white table.

Lastly, we moved around some lamps and bought a new one. We have more light and I love the look of our new lamp, which we bought at Target. It was also nice agreeing on a lamp we both liked after just a few minutes.

Over the next few months/year/2 years…I’d like to get a few more pieces. I’m thinking a rug, a new coffee table, new (matching) side tables and maybe refinish our bookshelf.

Even though we’re just renting, I want this place to be what I want it to be because I know we’ll be here for at least another year! And I want to get furniture that we can bring with us into any place, whenever it is that we move.


4 thoughts on “I love lamp.

  1. My fiance and I *never* agree on lamps. It’s the weirdest thing we fight over, and it means we have no lamps in the house save for those that our landlord left behind because apparently those are okay even though they’re hideous!

    Your table looks super cute with the yellow paint!

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