Cruisin’ together – Day 4

Our third day of the cruise was also our first “fun day at sea” as Carnival likes to call it. The boat was still very rocky throughout most of the day. At one point, the captain gave us an update that the night before we were passing over 12 foot swells and that throughout our day at sea we could expect to continue experiencing 7 foot swells. Awesome. At least things had calmed down some from the night before and were only going to get better.

Our day at sea was spent reading, eating, laying out and playing cards. At some point we watched the karaoke in the lobby, which proved to be highly entertaining.

This day was interesting for food. We decided to mix it up and ate lunch at the Platinum restaurant, which is their other main dining room. It’s located at the back of the boat and it was incredibly rocky. The swells had died down some from the morning, but since the restaurant was at the rear of the ship, it seemed worse than before. The food was terrible too. I had a “California” roll, which cannot even be called that since there was 1) no crab meat (even of the fake variety) and 2) cream cheese in it. I’m sorry but cream cheese does not belong in sushi. Unless it’s a Philadelphia roll and I would never order that. We ate quickly and left promptly.

Since we hadn’t eaten much at our first lunch, we thought pizza and salad would be a good choice to fill us up. The pizza bar they have is located on the Lido deck, by the pool, and is open 24 hours a day. But the pizza was so bad. Inedible. I LOVE pizza – any and all types – and I’m not even that picky about it! But the cheese had a very weird taste to it which I couldn’t stand. I finally nurtured myself with some soft serve ice cream, which was also open 24 hours a day. Their soft serve is one of the best things about the ship!

Per usual, dinner was at the Golden Restaurant. I had the french onion soup, which was really good, herb polenta, which was just okay and of course, WARM CHOCOLATE MELTING CAKE. Three nights in a row and I still wasn’t sick of it!


Later in the evening we went back to the Punchliner Comedy Club to see Mark Simmons. Mark was hilarious. We laughed the entire time. The show ended and like clockwork, we were off to bed.

Tomorrow, we arrive in our second port – St. Thomas, USVI!


3 thoughts on “Cruisin’ together – Day 4

  1. I always love the comedy shows they have! It’s so much fun to go watch them! 🙂 I’m sad the pizza was bad for you – it’s usually REALLY good when I’ve had it on Carnival ships!

    • Oh that makes me sad! I remember it being good from the first Carnival cruise I took, but I thought maybe my taste buds evolved too much. Maybe it was just a bad batch? We ordered pizza right when we got home to make up for it!

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