Cruisin’ Together – Day 3

We woke up on the first morning of our cruise and had already arrived in Nassau. Since we were still so tired, we hung out in our robes and ate room service. The room service wasn’t the greatest (Noah’s banana was almost completely bruised) and since the only place we could eat was on our bed, we decided that was the only time we’d be doing it.

We got off at port and walked through the welcome center of Nassau. Basically just a bunch of duty free shops, vendors selling locally made stuff and other vendors selling a bunch of crap that said Bahamas all over it. It seemed to take a while to get out of the building and onto the street. We initially thought Atlantis was right near the dock, but realized that we would’ve had to take a cab to get there, so decided to just walk around a bit. We walked down the street, but there wasn’t much to see. We weren’t right next to the beach, so there was no view and to get anywhere good we would have had to cab. We only walked for about 20 minutes before deciding to head back to the boat.

The view of Atlantis from the dock

Once we got back to the ship we  did a lot of reading/laying/relaxing/eating. And we took in the view…

Who lives in that house? I hate them.

We ate lunch at the Mongolian grill on board. I had lomein noodles with peppers and muscles, which was actually pretty good. We played cards, read and tried to ignore the fact that the boat was rocking harder and harder every minute.

We ate dinner at the main dining room where we tried Alligator fritters, which were basically like bland crab cake balls. And for the second night in a row we ate warm chocolate melting cake.

Dinner was followed by a comedy show at the “Punchliner” Comedy Club. The comedian was Will Marfori and he was actually pretty funny. He has Cerebral Palsy and was not afraid to poke fun at himself, which was admirable.

We planned on staying for the second show, but Noah was not feeling well, despite the dramamine that he had taken so it was off to bed…by 10:30.  I swear we slept more on this vacation than I ever have in my life.

Tomorrow – our first full “fun day at sea” and we arrive in St. Thomas!


6 thoughts on “Cruisin’ Together – Day 3

  1. Mmmm warm chocolate melting cake is probably my favorite thing in the whole world. I could eat it every day of my life. 🙂 And I love staying on the boat on port days – it’s so relaxing and quiet!

    • Yes! We actually ended up eating it every night of the cruise. Excessive? Yes. But also delicious and so worth it. And staying on the ship during the port day was so perfect for us, especially because we were so tired! We got in more nap time and just relaxed. It was a great way to start our trip!

  2. Did your cruise leave Miami Dec 4th? If so we were on the same sailing. The rocking boat killed me that, no amount of dramamine helped.

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