Cruisin’ Together – Day 2

*Disclaimer – all my cruise posts are going to be very lengthy as I hope for these to be both recaps and reviews for cruising/Carnival, read at your will!*

Though our vacation technically started on Saturday, I didn’t feel like it was truly beginning until Sunday, the day of our cruise!!

We woke up at 5:30 AM to Steve making us eggs and toast for breakfast. Eating together and saying our last goodbyes (to Steve and his pitbull mix Bella) was the perfect way to start the long day we had ahead of us. We drove back through Alligator Alley to Miami so that we could drop off the rental car at the airport. I wish that I had pictures from the drive, because at least it was pretty!

We got to Miami by 10:30, but didn’t have to check in for the cruise until at least noon, so we got a few errands done. We dropped off the rental car and got a cab from the airport to the ship. But before we went to the ship we had the cabbie stop for us at a liquor store, where we bought vodka and wine, and a Starbucks. We weren’t getting coffee, we were getting a box o’ joe to use for sneaking alcohol aboard the ship. I’ll tell you about that later when I do a post about all the cruise tips I have. After getting our goods, we were dropped off at the Carnival Glory port.

We gave our large suitcase to the luggage handler and were directed inside. Once inside, we waited in line to check in. You can check in beforehand, but we didn’t even think of it. It was no problem. The wait seemed quite long, but I can’t say exactly how long it was. Once at the counter, the check in went very quickly and we received our Sail and Sign cards and little maps of the ship. We were given our Boarding Zone number (Zone 21) and sat in a waiting area with hundreds of other eager and excited Carnival guests. Not long after we sat down they started boarding the ship. I thought it was going to take forever to get to Zone 21, but the boarding seemed pretty efficient, so we were on in no time.

Once on the ship, our only options were to explore and to get food as our cabins weren’t ready yet. Of course we went with eating because we knew we’d have all week to explore. And we were hungry. We went to the Red Sail buffet because they were the only thing open. (Big mistake. We never ate here again for the rest of the cruise because the food was so terrible.) After lunch we decided to explore a little bit since our rooms still weren’t ready. Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I was feeling.

 Around 1:30 or so, we heard an announcement that our cabin was ready so we decided to go check it out. We knew it would be an inside (windowless) cabin, so weren’t surprised by what it was. Even though the room was small, we weren’t in it much except to sleep and get ready anyway, so it didn’t matter.

back to the 80s with the art… 

small, but enough space

We only spent a few minutes in the room as our luggage wasn’t there yet. The muster drill (safety drill) was happening around 3:30 so we knew we had some time to relax. We found some lounge chairs on the upper deck and got to work on our reading. I was reading Mockingjay and Noah was finishing up with Catching Fire.

After our reading, we participated in the muster drill (which took forever) and ate our 2nd lunch at the deli since the buffet food hadn’t filled us up at all. The deli was pretty decent and became a staple of mine over the next week. Tuna on rye was my go to. We went to the upper decks during sail away, watched the sunset over Miami, then went back to our room. Our intention was to just hang out, but we ended up taking a 2 hour nap. I guess we needed it. And hey, it was vacation, might as well sleep as much as possible!

 Our groggy dinner was eaten at the Golden Restaurant (the main dining room) which is when we first discovered the only dessert we ever ate, warm chocolate melting cake! Dinner was followed by a quick trip to the gift shop for more dramamine (the ship was fairly rocky), watching about 10 god awful minutes of the Welcome Aboard show, going up on the highest desk (it was so windy!) and going to sleep.

It was a glorious day. A perfect start to our week long adventure!  Tomorrow – we arrive in Nassau, The Bahamas


2 thoughts on “Cruisin’ Together – Day 2

  1. Ahhh I’m totally going to be living vicariously through you with these posts. I need a vacation desperately, and I’m such a huge fan of cruises – can’t wait till mine in July!

  2. Oh I love the post. I’ve been wanting to do a cruise for a while b/c they seem like a good deal. Can’t wait to see what you have to say about it all.

    Also, what did you think about Hunger Games?

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