#WEverb11 Day 4

I initially wrote this post on December 3 and had scheduled it for publishing on December 4, but for some reason it didn’t work out, so here is my post for Day 4 of #WeVerb11!

Write a haiku.

Sum up your year, via haiku.


Travel Weddings Friends Love Food

Quarter century

As I said before, this year we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. We traveled all over the place – Richmond, Lake Oconee, Jekyll Island, Frederick, Berryville, and most recently Florida and a four stop cruise. It was awesome seeing new places and going back to ones that we will always love. We went to a total of 5 weddings (one of them I went to with a friend from college) and celebrated the love between our friends. We ate some delicious food at said weddings – my favorite being the crab cakes, I am a Maryland girl after all. Lastly, I turned 25 this year. I didn’t have any qualms about it as some people do. I actually welcomed it with open arms.

How would you sum up your year by haiku? Participate in #WEverb11!


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