#WEverb11 Day 1

Choose one word.

Encapsulate the year 2011 in one word. Explain why. Imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2012 for you?

In the spirit of where this all started… this is the same first prompt from 2010.

The word that sums up my year is love. Want to know why?

I went to 5 weddings this year! It was a lot of  fun to see our friends and family get married, but it was exhausting too. After all the weddings we had traveled to Maryland, Delaware, Georgia, Berryville, VA and Kansas City, MO. I loved it, but I’m glad it’s over (for now)!

This was also our first full year of marriage! We celebrated our first year anniversary on August 21 by going on a shopping spree at the Leesburg Corner outlets. After we splurged on ourselves we went to eat at the first restaurant we ate at as husband and wife – Seasons 52.

And tomorrow we’re embarking on our first cruise together! I’m going to try to schedule some posts for while I’m gone, but please forgive me if I miss a few days!

The word that I hope will capture 2012 is growth. Growth as a person, an adult, a woman, a wife, an employee. I want to try to figure out what my passion is and focus on that. I’d also like to try to think about options for a career. I’ve never had one of those and I’d like to. I think as I get closer to 30 (and I know it’s still several years away) I feel more of an internal pressure to DO something with myself, my life. I’ve only ever had jobs. Jobs are things that pay the bills. I would like to do something that truly fulfills me and makes me happy. I have yet to realize what that is!

What word would you choose? Participate in #WEverb11!


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