Thanksgiving come and gone

I can’t believe how quickly Thanksgiving weekend went by. It feels like just yesterday that we were packing up the car to make the trek down to Georgia, but alas that was already 5 days ago! Our weekend was a lot of fun. The drive down and back each took only 11.5 hours. Considering it normally takes us 10 and we stopped quite a few times, this really wasn’t all that bad, especially if you factor in the insane amount of traffic that we encountered!

Thanksgiving day was filled with TONS of food and family. We had 18 adults and 5 children at our Thanksgiving table this year. I’m talking one big, long table, not an adults’ and a kids’ table. I wish I had a picture of it!! My favorite dish was oranges stuffed with sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows and candied pecans. Oh my god it was melt in your mouth deliciousness.

Friday, Noah played golf with his dad, uncle, cousin and 2 brothers in law while I hung around with some of the cousins back at the house. Since it was SO nice out the whole weekend (we’re talking in the 70s) we spent a good amount of Friday lounging on the balcony with drink in hand.

Saturday we took the boat out for a little, just to fill up the gas tank and come back. Nixon was of course as excited as always to be out on the water. Anytime he went out to do his business he would run down the hill to the dock and wait by the boat. That dog is adorable.

Saturday night we spent at my in laws lake house with my sister and brother in law, their son and our niece. We ate a casual dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers (grilled cheese for me!) and afterwards played a game of Spades. It was very relaxing. Sunday morning we woke up early to pack up the minivan and drive back home. We got back around 10PM and stayed up catching up on our shows – Modern Family, Spy, Revenge. And we also set up the table that my in laws handed down to us.

These are the only pictures I have from the weekend unfortunately…


I guess our nephew likes Noah much more than he likes me! I could not get that kid to smile while I was holding him for a picture, but normally he is all smiles around me. I hope everyone had a fun, food filled and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. Now back to the grind!


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