Road trippin’

Ever since I can remember I’ve been going on long road trips. Because of this I actually enjoy them, as long as I’ve planned it right.

There are several ingredients that are key to a good road trip experience. I think we all know the first and most important one is a good road trip playlist. Noah and I are lucky in that we have the same taste in music, for the most part. Of course I’m more willing to listen to some Lady Gaga than he is, but we both agree on many bands. Here are some favorite songs to listen to while on a long drive…

As good as the music may be, everyone needs some silence every once in a while. That’s when I break out sudoku on my phone or a good book (if it’s light out) Luckily, Noah ordered these from Amazon and they just arrived today….


And of course, good snacks are essential. Even better than snacks is a stop at the South’s greatest offering…..WAHO.

I hope everyone has safe travels this Thanksgiving!! And if you’re going on a road trip, do share what road trip necessities are!


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