I’m terrified of haircuts.

I’ve never been one to be afraid with experimenting with my hair. I think my first chopitalloff experience was in 5th grade. I got my hair cut for my 5th grade commencement ceremony and decided to be bold by cutting my hair to my chin. Years later, for my senior prom, I made an impulse decision to cut my hair to chin length instead of getting an updo. I loved it then too. And then, 2.5 years after that I cut my hair to my chin again because I was bored of it being long.

Here’s how it looked then…

sorry it’s not the best picture!

After this haircut (in June 2006) I decided to let my hair grow out. That’s because after this trip down to Georgia to visit N, he told me he preferred my hair long! I grew it back out and got occasional haircuts, nothing shorter than my shoulders. Here’s how it normally looked for the past 4.5 years…

summer 2009, 1 week before I got engaged

Then, about a month after N and I got engaged, disaster happened. I went to my normal stylist for a haircut. My hair was the length that it is in the photo above and all I wanted was to get it trimmed. As the appointment progressed, and my stylist proceeded to spill her guts about her fiance cheating on her, my hair got shorter and shorter. The problem was I didn’t realize it until I got home. And once I did, I was in shock. It was only 9.5 months before our wedding and my hair was cut SO short, to my chin short. Did I mention my hair grows at a snail’s pace? I was devastated.

Simply put, ew.

From the day I got it cut until our wedding day, I let it grow and grow, and gave myself a little extra help by taking prenatal vitamins. My hair got pretty long. After the wedding I have only had a couple trims every few months. But now it’s a year past my wedding and I haven’t had a real hair cut. My hair is really long, which I love, but it has no shape whatsoever. I really would love to get it cut, but I don’t want to spend more than $50 on it. And of course I live in DC so that’s pretty much impossible. Here’s how unshapely it’s been….

So, has anyone else just gone a really long time without a real haircut simply because they were terrified of it being botched? And if you live in the NoVA area, can you recommend someone to me that I can afford?


7 thoughts on “I’m terrified of haircuts.

  1. I’m still not getting my hair cut like I normally would, 11 months after a bad haircut. It’s traumatic!

    But you look great with both short and long hair! But since you have a fear of haircuts, maybe you could start with just some long layers to add a little dimension. It’s pretty quick and easy to do too, so hopefully you’ll be able to find a good stylist who can do it for $50 or less. Good luck!

    • I remember your post about your bad haircut, which is funny because I didn’t think it looked bad! That’s a good idea to start with layers….without taking much off in terms of length. I hope I find someone!

  2. I recently tried a new place in Old Town and was blown away by how much she charged me for the haircut. I think my last place wasn’t too bad. PR Partners and they have locations all over DMV.

    Otherwise, LivingSocial and Groupon (I get them confused) have had some good haircut deals lately. I bought one to try another new place in Old Town. If they don’t offer another good one soon, you could check out one of those Groupon re-sell sites and try that?

    I share your pain with worrying it will turn out terribly, but hair always grows out. Or that’s how I try to stay positive.

    • Why is it SO expensive in this area?! I don’t get it. I will definitely check out LivingSocial and Groupon and maybe look into PR Partners as well. I know there is one in Tysons Corner! Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Oh girl, I know what you mean. My grandfather (who was a barber) has cut my hair for me since I was a little girl and I’ve never trusted anyone else with my hair. He knows exactly what I want and how to work with my curls and everything. Currently I live in the same city that he does and have for the past 3 years, but before that I would go a year at a time without a hair cut because I would wait until the next time I’d see him, haha! He taught me how to cut layers into my own hair, but I’m dependent on him for the trim all around (I can’t do the back). Aaanyway, I hear ya with not wanting to trust anyone with your hair, though!

  4. I grew mine out for the wedding. As a couple of years previous I got mine cut into a slanty trendy bob and like you I thought Eww. Now after the wedding I’m overdue for a trim, yes hairdresser that’s just a trim.

  5. My mom! Haha. No really though, she’s a hair dresser and GREAT! She’s inexpensive and available all the time, too! (Don’t look at my hair to judge her talent, I’m a huge procrastinator and never go when I should)! If you’re interested, email me! She works in Alexandria (across from Landmark City Mall)!

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