Date Night in – breakfast for dinner

Happy Labor Day weekend! I hope everyone had a fun, safe and relaxing final break of the summer. N and I were originally planning on camping on Friday night, but the park we wanted to go to had no spots available. So much for that. Instead we decided to stay in and have a brunch feast for dinner. We invited my brother and his girlfriend over to share in the festivity.

As always, N did the cooking and everything was delicious.First, he brought out a cheese and fruit tray. He had 2 different cheeses, pineapple slices, cantaloupe and raspberries all arranged on a tray. For dinner and second dinner, he made a crab quiche (from scratch, without a recipe) and banana walnut pancakes with cinnamon. I know, my husband is awesome.

My jobs were to make our place look good, set the table and make a delicious drink. I made a sparkling pink lemonade vodka with raspberry ice cubes. I invented it myself!  I felt so domestic.

Here’s how it all looked……my camera doesn’t do it justice. I will have to change that some day soon!

Looking at all of that again makes me hungry…Good thing I have some tuna casserole in the oven right now!  Other than our breakfast for dinner we went to a Nationals game yesterday and relaxed with the boys. I’d say overall it’s been a pretty good 3 day weekend. What did everyone do with their extra day off?


4 thoughts on “Date Night in – breakfast for dinner

  1. mmm, you’re making me hungrayyy, girlfrannn.

    our long weekend was perfect! i saw ‘the help’ fri with a gf, double date sat at this amazing mexican bistro, qt with hubby/furbabies, and dinner with the parentals yesterday.

    lots and lots of sleep too 🙂 happy short week!

    • I do too! I actually like leftover dinner foods (like cold pizza) for breakfast and breakfast foods for dinner! Who decided to eat certain things at certain times of day anyway?

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