It’s cleanthefuckinghousethursday!

Does your house ever get so messy you feel like you’re a crack addict whose about to receive a visit from Social Services? No? Okay, well mine does. Every once in a while we’ll just let things get bad. Maybe to some it wouldn’t be so bad, but to me it feels like a hoarder has invaded my house and made a complete mess of it.

Okay, it’s not that bad! (That’s not our house.)

This time, it started with a bachelorette party. Last Friday I went out in DC for a friend’s bachelorette and didn’t get home until Saturday. Saturday was when the hurricane was coming, so my sister in law came over to drink wine and watch marathons of 3rd Rock from the Sun. I also took several naps lasting at least an hour each. Sunday I slept in until approximately 1:00, right around the time N was getting home from the bachelor in New Orleans he went to. Of course once he was home, I didn’t want to clean…I wanted to be with him!

Monday was back to work, which for me brought my first three hour nap of the week. Tuesday I woke up feeling a little sick, but went to work anyway and came home only to take my second three hour nap of the week. Another day gone by without cleaning. Wednesday morning rolled around and Noah and I jointly decided that it would be “Cleanthefuckinghousewednesday”. Well clearly that was a wash. Wednesday evening started out with a fight (a dumb one) and ended with a walk up to Safeway and me trying my hardest to stay awake, just to prove a point. I made it to 11:15 – a record time for the week!

And that brings us to Cleanthefuckinghousethursday. Once Wednesday passed us by, we made a commitment to just get it done on Thursday. I actually got excited about it! Right when we got home, we tackled the living room, dining room and kitchen. And N started doing laundry. Damn I’m a lucky girl!

Today made me realize two things. The first is that I will never be able to keep my house as clean as Martha Stewart. The second is that that’s okay. I don’t always want to have to resort to having “cleanthefuckinghouse” days, but I’m okay with having to do it every once in a while. Sometimes it’s better to live your life and enjoy it than spend that time cleaning!

Are you a clean freak or do you live on the messy side every once in a while?


8 thoughts on “It’s cleanthefuckinghousethursday!

  1. Ha. I know the feeling. I love those signs on Pinterest that say something like: Welcome to our home. Sorry for the mess, but we live here. It’s so true. A house doesn’t feel right if it isn’t a little messy from being LIVED in.

  2. Hehe. This is funny.

    I’m a lazy clean freak which basically means that I loooong for my home to be clean but oh so much more enjoy doing nothing, or anything, just something else besides cleaning. In general though, I keep my messes to “private rooms” ie: second bathroom and bedroom. Living and kitchen are usually looking pretty good. 🙂

    Looking forward to following more of your blog!

    • Thanks Laura! And I would say I’m a lazy clean freak too, but for me it’s more that I wait until it gets somewhat bad and then I go on a cleaning frenzy with the help of a red bull! And then I can’t stop cleaning until everything is clean!

    • Does that mean you are cleaning the house every day? I think that’s the only reason I’m not a clean freak, because I just can’t bring myself to spend time cleaning on a daily basis!

    • That’s good that you’ve been keeping up with it! I usually do an okay job about picking up a little here and there on a daily basis, but it was just one of those weeks!

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